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SDIV El Juego Chapter Thirty Part Three

Shanna was old, malevolent and sure in her own immortality. Centuries passed her quietly by as she schemed, moving towards her ultimate goal of godhood. From the humble an crowded beginnings of her birthing pool, she killed, maimed and eaten her way to the top. These Taartuns were but another example of an inferior and gullible race to be used up an thrown away. It irked that this insufferable dwarf stood in her way to greatness, with all the hallmarks of fulfilling a prophecy that she herself had invented. It never once entered her mind that she had also been used by one greater than herself and it was with this self-serving arrogance that she faced Cornelius.

He was enjoying himself. The release from pretence and the imminent possibility of really damaging the Old Hag buoyed him. Not since his little jaunt in the Forked Tongue on Luther, so long ago, had he truly enjoyed himself so much and the prospect for mayhem in front of him bode well for a delightful afternoon. Cornelius forgot about his mission, the raging demon ripping itself clear of the Tower and the imminent destruction of this world. Shanna was his and he would take payment for all his hurt and frustration from her scaly green hide. He actually laughed as he let go of the left handle and whipped the wire forward, aiming for the hand holding the staff. At the last minute he stopped, causing the wire to shudder and loop sideways, scoring a burning red line across Shanna’s flesh where it touched in passing. His power anchored him in place as he flicked the weapon backwards, grinning at Shanna’s screams and curses. 

Shanna tried to raise her staff and concentrate on her enemy, but it burned. Each little touch of the wire sent pain shooting throughout her body and she took her first step back. Cornelius followed, dancing in mid-air, the wire twirling round his body glaring white-hot as power shimmered of it in waves. Shanna stepped further away, her gaze fixed wholly on the maddening figure, her breath hissing in and out. Behind her rock cracked and tore, but she ignored it.

Something blurred past her vision and for a moment she thought Cornelius had again struck, but his answering grunt robbed her of that misconception. Glancing up, Shanna saw a large rock cleaved in half by the spinning wire and now looked behind her. A huge hand ripped at the earth, flinging rock pieces haphazardly into the air. A chance missile had distracted Cornelius. She took her opportunity and ran.

“Where do you think you are going?” drawled a lazy voice, in her mind. She recognized Viker’s tones but could not see him. Her flight from that battle had brought her here first, she could not let him receive her reward. Spinning she looked for her enemies, but only saw a hysterical Cornelius waltzing in her direction. Shanna ducked beneath a large clawed hand and grunted in resignation. The battle would have to be fought here. She struck her staff into the rent earth and harsh syllables poured from her misshapen mouth.


It was hungry…and there was so much food nearby. The earth itself revolted against the creature grasping at its enormous ankles, clawing at its mighty wings and ignoring its imperious demands. Fold Space called yet it was bound to this earthly plane, limited by an almost tantalising near-existence. Puny power raged around it but it needed meat.

Stopping for a moment it raised a huge face upwards and gulped in a gigantic breath. The taste of an approaching enemy stung it, the subtle flavours of Fold Space told the creature that soon it would face another of its kind and it must feed. A hint of old memory surfaced and it ceased struggling, plunging its freed hand deep into the earth. Old flesh was not the same yet it would do. It crammed the remains of Shan’s minions into its maw, ignoring the flesh-rotting disease that infected them and flexed its wings…

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SDIV - El Juego Chapter Thirty Part Two

Cornelius was at a full run, yet horses and men began to overtake him,. That would not do. He gathered his energy within, his tatoos writhing in response and started to release his power...

"No you will not, Sirrah," boomed a deep voice, and Cornelius felt himself lifted up by the back of his robe.

The earth sped by, his feet windmilling with little dignity as he was hauled up onto the back of the warhorse, Sir Frederic dumped him unceremoniusly down and sped back up. Butt wanted to say something, but fought instead to control the energy coursing through him. It was a close thing.

"There are enough demons for my men to focus on," said Sir Frederic pompously, "without you distracting them."

"Don't be so anal," mumbled Cornelius, setting fire to a nearby bush, "there'll be more than enough to keep them busy in just a short while..."

He ignored the Knight and concentrated on the Tower. One wing was now free and stretched out across the plain. The other was still stuck within the crumbling rock, but would not stay that way for long. A gout of green flame arced skwards, followed by a titanic roar as the creature turned to survey the ants racing towards it. This would not be pretty.

"Put me down," said Cornelius quietly, yet the Knight ignored him.

With an agility ill-becoming his reputation, Cornelius sprang to his feet, balancing on the shoulders of the animal galloping towards its own death. There was a muffled grunt as he leapt upwards, somersaulting away from Sir Frederic as he tried to pull up sharply. Now was not the time for chastisement and Cornelius called again on the energy bubbling below the surface. It gleefully responded and he rose high in the air as he stretched out his hands.

"Explain this to your narrow-minded followers" he laughed as he hurtled forwards.

Sir Frederic watched his friend race towards the Tower, and for once ignored the cries of herecy around him. The idiot was going to take on the monster by himself...and that just would not do.

Flames boiled from Cornelius' hands as he closed upon the structure, melting rock and causing his enemy to scream in frustration. He circled the creature twice, narrowly avoiding a sweep of its gigantic wing and snapping fangs before he was satisfied.

"Take on the Chosen One, would you?" he sneered, alighting gently on the rock-strewn ground before the Tower, "well it's time to reap your ultimate reward."

Once again gathered  his power, his clothes smoking with the energy called upon. Cornelis smiled at the thought of what Kam would say if they burned away revealing him in all his glory, yet he gritted his teeth and continued. He was ready...

"No-o-o," hissed a voice beside him, and Cornelius was flung sideways as what felt like a metal bar slammed into his side, Shanna announcing her presence with the act.

"Think that you will thwart me now, worm?" she screamed strangely, garbling the words as her tongue darted in and out of her now prominent snout.

"You really shouldn't have done that," said Cornelius calmly, as he rose to his feet, "It's not lady-like..." and then he grinned evilly.

Shanna watched as he pulled a rusty length of wire from his belt, taking hold of what appeared to be wooden handles at each end.

"And what," she laughed derisively, "do you think you are going to achieve with that?"

"Bliss..." replied Cornelius as he sprang, whipping one handle free and filling the weapon with power.