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SDIV El Juego Chapter 18 Part1

Chapter Eighteen

Cursed Hills
Zone IV

The creatures twisted and turned with a supernatural grace, which clashed badly with their ugly countenances. Horned and scaled heads, with bird-like snouts, sat across a slim body with leathern wings. Feet ended in talons, although clawed hands had enough dexterity to grip and fire their weapons. There was a certain lack of familiarity with the guns, evidenced by the time between bolts and the lack of accuracy. Alana was determined to take advantage of that.
She smashed into one of the creatures hearing the satisfying crunch of bone as her armour released its momentum.  Her armoured hand closed on the weapon in the creature’s hand, twisting it free, before she slammed the butt end of the gun into a tooth-filled beak. Green blood sprayed out as she broke free, scissoring her wings through those of her opponent.

“They die just like anything else,” she said, as the creature fluttered earthwards.

One of her Wingmen shouted, but she had already seen the icons on her HUD; large signatures, surrounded by a multitude of smaller ones.
“To ground!” she shouted, “Now!”

From the ground, she watched the new arrivals rip and tear into the smaller creatures which tried desperately to escape. Alana did not know who the good guys were, but she hated to stand by idly whilst others were slaughtered. The recent arrivals stank of Tauran magic, their demonic natures clear for all to see. Mutated and twisted forms mixed easily with powerful red-skinned demons. She quickly made her mind up.
A twist of her hands brought up the strange rifle and she aimed carefully before sending a bolt of plasma scorching into the milling crowd. Cries of pain and burnt flesh signalled her success.

“Boss?” asked Shin.
“I like birdies,” she said firing again “and the others look too much like Taurans for me.”

“Aye,” replied Shin, pulling clear his own pistol, “always best to let people know where you stand.”

One of their original attackers crashed nearby, clawing and scratching at one of the demons. Shin stepped up and put three shots into the demon’s head, before pulling a plasma rifle clear.
“That’s better,” he muttered, sighting on a much larger opponent, “brings back happy memories.”

Alana laughed, watching the strange creature as it struggled out from under the demon’s body. It nodded to her and raised its head high, screaming skyward. Instantly, its fellows disengaged and dived, hurrying to its side. Alana ignored them. A much bigger problem was right behind them.

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