miércoles, 6 de abril de 2011

FREE Stories in APRIL

For those of you interested in reading any of my short stories, you will find them FREE on Smashwords for the rest of this month. You can find the page by clicking on the links below or in my signature.

None of the completed SD books are now free as the promotional period is over, as I get close to finishing Book IV.

Here's a summary of the shorts you can read over on Smashwords:

The Wildwose

Childhood nightmares, myths and tales abound throughout the Urionverse. No-one believes them, but there is one place where fable and reality walk hand-in-hand. The Church Guard have come to Wose IV with all their arrogance, ego and bigotry. They have been warned...

A Knight's Charge

When your family has a history which you’d rather forget, there’s an invading force of Taurans trying to remodel your planet and some evil monster just won’t leave you alone; you know it’s not your day. Vincent Kombel knew that he had a lot to pay for; being of Old Blood meant much on New Sevilla, just for Vincent it meant a little bit more...

The Gift

All, Human and Tauran alike, look forward to the generosity of their Masters. In the Urionverse, you need to be careful what you wish for... This Anthology brings together four separate short stories. Each is set within the confines of The Urionverse, and tells a cautionary tale for the unwary.


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