viernes, 13 de mayo de 2011

FREE Fame and Fortune

It's been a funny couple of days. I was one of the fortunates who received an eMail from Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon by any other name) telling me that they were price-matching a free promotion on another Distribution Channel. Okay, A Guiding Light had been free, but it was a while back. Nevertheless, I accepted the slap on the hand and waited to see what happened...and now I realise why the big pubishers normally get the discounted freebies. 1000+ DOWNLOADS IN 24 HOURS!

TINSTAAFL I know, but ream me with a pointy stick, 1000 in a day feels good. Sure Amazon have a plan (there were about 200 of us blessed by this offer)and I haven't figured out what it is yet, but I'm just enjoying watching AGL hit the Top 20 in both SF and Horror in the US AND the UK.

Will there be associated sales? I bloody well hope so, but we'll just have to wait and see...enjoy it whilst you can, I say

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