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The Gift - Author's Note

This collection of short stories is made up of a strange mixture. The Urionverse has become fixed within my mind over the last few years, with the original outline drawn within my novel Urion’s Belt. This novel, strangely enough, has yet to be published, but it does lay down a flagpole in terms of the general timeline of other stories. My Sudden Dearth series is set four to five hundred years before the events in Urion’s Belt, and its task is to explain how Urion’s Belt came into being.
The Wildwose, A Knight’s Charge and A Cold Dish are placed on the timeline before Sudden Dearth and are intended to describe a little of the worlds and cultures formed within the burgeoning sphere of the Protectorate. Euthan Palace is set three hundred years after Urion’s Belt and describes a more technologically developed Urionverse. At the other end of the scale sits SALIGIA, a novella made up of seven short stories and a common theme. Its purpose is to describe the pantheon of Tauran demons and the reason for their interaction with humanity.

So, finally we reach this collection which is made up of four separate stories, each set in a different time zone on this convoluted story path. The Dark Wheel fits closely with the timeline of Urion’s Belt, with the Protectorate well-established and confident, willing to use every means possible to maintain its power. Four Minutes, and its three following and interlinked companions, take place on or around the time of The Wildwose and introduce a memorable character who takes part in the Sudden Dearth Series. Superbia and Luxuria are two of those seven deadly short stories which make up the whole that is SALIGIA.

I hope that this provides a little bit of background and, particularly for those who have already dabbled in some of my work, context.

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