jueves, 16 de junio de 2011

Writing Objectives

I was recently asked what my timings were with respect to future works. It gave me pause to think and try and flesh out the timing on the rest of the year, well the next couple on months anyway. So, here goes:

A Cold Dish - this novel has been waiting in the wings whilst I waded through the process of editing, formating and publication on Kindle and Smashwords. My expectation is to finish editing and publish before the end of July.

El Juego - Sudden Dearth Bk IV - This one is scheduled for end August/early September, as I have been tweaking the plot line a little.

SD Book V - The plan is to have a little rest and begin this work near year-end ready for Publication Feb/March of next year.

In the meantime I will be inaugurating the first reviews on my review blog.

Watch this space...

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